Principal + Interest

Doing all this for the money would be an improvement, at least then they could quit.

You owe. Your need was urgent, what you required was beyond your means or capabilities, and so you made a deal. Now, you are paying off that deal, and there is no skipping out on it.

If you flee, they will send people like you out to "re-acquire" you as a resource, and charge you for the cost, and you will be in even deeper. Resist too much, and they will have you "adjusted" so you no longer even think of fleeing, and maybe no longer think at all.

And so here you are, with no way out and years of "service" ahead of you. If you can make yourself more valuable, you can pay down that debt faster. If you accumulate wealth, you can use that to literally buy some time. And every once in a while, you will be offered a mission that will include a bonus, sometimes bonus time.

You owe, and they own you. Will you be resigned to this fate, or will you be one of those who make it out?


Eberron Timeline

Principals & Interests

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